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Experience Makes A Difference

B.A.M. Niagara was originally founded to give the youth of the Niagara Region an alternative to the streets, where they could participate in something positive, healthy, and secure. They were able to train in an atmosphere where disciplined, professional athletes were able to influence and encourage them. As the boxing club grew upon that foundation, James decided it would be a great opportunity to spread this optimism and hope to a wider audience.

The youth that he mentored began to see success as a result of their hard work, and someone caring to pay attention to them on an individual level. After seeing the positive results, James opened up the club for personal training. Rather than simply provide physical routines for members to follow, he also added his own personal motivation and encouragement in an attempt to boost the confidence and self-esteem of those training there.

At B.A.M. you see physical results as your body becomes stronger and more capable, but more importantly you learn to have confidence in yourself and feel good to your core.