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Adrian Peterson: Raised by Love & Loyalty

AdrianPetersonFatherPeople find it hard to believe that Adrian Peterson has had this astonishing comeback and recovery, accompanied with a great season.

When you know who a person is and where they come from, and how they were raised, answers to questions often appear to be obvious.

I read that when he was in school, Adrian Peterson…that is, his university coach, a highly respected man, had advised him to stay away from his father when he got out of prison.

In a way, I can see why the man said what he said, but I also understood the man wasn’t from or raised the way his superstar running back had been raised.

A man should never tell another man to turn his back on his father. That was his mistake…

…His father was the reason he was who he is, both physically and mentally. Without his father, his coach wouldn’t have had the success and accolades he had with Adrian’s career at Oklahoma.

This is what loyalty and love raises…Champions in life, to his team, to his teammates, to his coaches, to his community, to his family, and most of all, to himself.

Is his comeback really that surprising? I think not.

Once again, God is demonstrating the foundation of family through trial, scrutiny and exile. Real Family, real Love, real Loyalty will always prevail.

This is B.A.M.


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