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$6 Summer City Walk-Abouts

$6 Summer City Walk-Abouts - BAMNiagara.caHave some fun, get fit & do it in the evenings around the quaint city of Niagara Falls with a B.A.M. Niagara Instructor.

  • Get yourself in shape
  • Beat the heat of summer with an 8:00 pm workout session each weeknight
  • Participate with old friends and make some new ones
  • Learn more about your city
  • Get in a healthful habit every weeknight @ 8:00 pm

All you’ll need:

  • You
  • Fitness wear
  • $6

Right now, right here, you can pre-purchase sessions ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about payments when you’re coming to train.

Also, purchase 10 sessions for an additional $10 off!

There are 2 Options:

These sessions will be starting & ending at the gym @ 4548 Zimmerman Ave., Niagara Falls, Ontario and will run for 1 hour making sure you’re getting in some great cross training – cardio, conditioning, agility, strength and more.

This is just a small sampling of some of our outdoor walk-about training…

What are you waiting for? Pre-Register today:

There are 2 Options: