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Observations of Eating Over the Holidays

HolidayGoodiesThis Holiday season, I have been observing how I eat, and how people eat in general during holidays like this.

For instance, I attended a family gathering where the food looked and smelled amazing. I’m sure it tasted wonderful too, but I didn’t partake in enjoying the food by tasting it. Why? Well, my body just didn’t really feel like it.

Conversely, some people get so down on themselves and others, and are so worried about overeating over the Holidays. What I want to tell you is this…

…Your body will only physically take in what it is able to take in. Food is energy, and we need energy.  You are in the “positive” or the “green” when you take in that energy from food. We need energy to perform everyday body functions, and activities.

RoastedTurkey2010Furthermore, when you’re gathering with family and loved ones over the Holidays, and this may be most important of all, you’re also soaking in that positive energy from them. So, it’s all good.

What we all need to remember, then, is that we should burn the extra fuel or energy off.

It is possible to enjoy the Holidays, with family, with food, and take it all in…but just take care afterward too.

This is B.A.M.!

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