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O’Sullivan After United Golden Gloves Championship

B.A.M. News (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) – Out of B.A.M. Niagara’s Boxing Club, Paulie “Sweet Pea” O’Sullivan is going after the 2014 United Golden Gloves championship in the 56-60 kg division this weekend, May 1st – 3rd, with boxing coach, James Phelps, in his corner.

Out of the blue corner, O’Sullivan’s first bout will be Friday, May 2nd @ 1:00 pm versus Evgeniy Osipov fighting out of Dewith’s Boxing Studio in Mississauga.

BAM Niagara Boxing Coach, James Phelps & Fighter Paulie "Sweet Pea" O'Sullivan - Nov. 23 - 2013 - bamniagara.ca

BAM Niagara boxing coach, James Phelps, and boxer, Paulie “Sweet Pea” O’Sullivan

Also known as the Ontario Senior Open Championships, these United Golden Gloves are being held at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The winners of this tournament advance through to the Canadian Championships.

Irish-born O’Sullivan, 24, is coming straight off of his championship win at the 2014 Silver Gloves held in March in Toronto, Ontario. Prior to that, “Sweet Pea” had a victory over Tyler Zeiden (Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy) in November in Kitchener, Ontario.

Stay tuned @ bamniagara.ca for updates on O’Sullivan’s bouts!

Venue: Hershey Centre

  • 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, ON, L4Z 4B6

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