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Paulie O’Sullivan vs. Tyler Zeiden on November 23

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B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club is proud to announce novice boxer Paulie O’Sullivan, 24, in his first scheduled fight versus Tyler Zeiden.

This will be both boxers’ first fight.

Saturday, November 23rd at 7:00pm starts a fight show hosted by The Whip Boxing in Kitchener, Ontario at Alpine Club, 424 Maple Ave.

Gary Antonio Russell for PVA Boxer of the Year

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We are proud to announce that Gary Antonio Russell is up for Boxer of the Year for the Potomac Valley Association USA Boxing.

Gary Antonio Russell – USA Boxing – Apr 2013 – gazette.netAntonio is the 2013 National Golden Gloves National Champion. G.A.R. has also received a 2013 PVA Award for a memorable set of tournament runs – USA Boxing National Champion & Golden Gloves National Champion, mentioned earlier, and Most Outstanding Boxer at both tournaments.

BAM Niagara Welcomes Frankie Tejada

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (B.A.M. NEWS) – Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 marks the start of the visit to BAM Niagara Boxing Club for boxer & coach, Frankie Tejada out of Boston, Massachusetts.

Frankie has many boxing accomplishments under his belt including:

  • 2012 American Olympic Qualifier (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 2008 American Olympic Qualifier (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobego)
  • 2007 AIBA World Boxing Championships – Chicago

…just to name a few accolades.

Photo right: bottom left – Frankie Tejada, bottom right – Rolande Moses; top – James Phelps

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie of Frankie training for the 2008 Olympic year with coach Phelps, as well as a

BAM Niagara Fitness Testimonial: Heather Matte

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Meet Heather Matte:

Heather Matte after 4 months @ BAM NiagaraI’m a 61 year old woman who started personal training July 11, 2013 with coach Jamie Phelps.

I have worked with various trainers off and on for over 30 years. For the past 8 years I have been completely sedentary and in the worst shape of my life.

It is now November 11, 2013 3 months later, and I haven’t looked or felt this good for over 8 years. I have lost over 45lbs. He literally has transformed my body. I’ll never be 35 again, but I wasn’t expecting to feel like it again, and thanks to Jamie I do now.

Jamie’s commitment, dedication and devotion to his clients sets him apart. His impressive athletic skill set combined with his motivational techniques qualify him to be the best trainer I have ever worked with.

There is no better return on any investment you’ll ever make that will pay the dividends that working with coach Phelps will.

Jamie, thank you….in the words of the iconic Tina Turner….

“You’re simply the best, better than all the rest!!!”

Heather Matte

B.A.M. City Walk-Abouts in Hibernation

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Snow by Bonnie Harris - BAMNiagara.caWell, it’s the beginning of our Winter season here in Niagara Falls, as evidenced by the light snowfall last night.

As fun as it was to enjoy our city walk-abouts around the quaint downtown of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada throughout our gorgeous warmer months this Summer & through the Fall, it’s time to go into hibernation for a while.

A Great Time with Mr. Gary Russell Jr.

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We would like to extend a thank you to Mr. Gary Russell Jr., and his crew for coming to visit & train with us at B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club.

Mr. Gary Russell Jr., American professional featherweight boxer (23-0 with 13KO), came up to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada from the Washington, D.C. area to take in the sights, as well as get some good training in prior to his next bout scheduled for November, 2013.

Mr. Gary Russell Jr. to Arrive for Training Camp @ B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club

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boxing glovesNiagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (B.A.M. News)Monday, October 7th marks the start of Mr. Gary Russell Jr.‘s training camp here @ BAM Niagara Boxing Club

The “Home of Mr. Gary Russell Jr.” is in preparation for his up coming bout in November. It’s ShowTime, HBO, PPV!

BAM Niagara Visits Washington D.C.

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Have you ever been to The Capitol, Washington D.C.?

Coach Phelps is visiting D.C., and we’re looking forward to seeing the photos and videos taken down there…

The Nation’s Capitol holds both historic sites, as well as great entertainment, sports and nightlife.

Total Body Conditioning for All Sports at BAM Niagara

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You don’t have to be a boxer to take advantage of B.A.M. Niagara.

Regardless of a particular sport you’re participating or seriously competing in, there are fitness criteria that need your attention.

All of these core fundamentals that every athlete needs in sports are addressed at the gym in our sessions.

Gym Etiquette…According to B.A.M.

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Etiquette is a simple set of respectful ideas we bring forth, so that everyone is working efficiently and happily with eager minds & bodies at B.A.M. Niagara.

So, that being said, here is a set of great things to keep in mind when using the gym and its facilities.

6 Ways to Get Healthy

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If you answer “yes” to any of the 3 questions below, you’re ready for 6 Ways to Get Healthy!

  • Interested in bumping up your fitness plan?
  • Want to be healthier?
  • Not sure what to do?

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