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Paulie ‘Sweet Pea’ O’Sullivan Wins Kitchener Fight

BAM Niagara Boxing Coach, James Phelps & Fighter Paulie "Sweet Pea" O'Sullivan - Nov. 23 - 2013 - bamniagara.caB.A.M. NEWS (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) – Fighting out of B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club, Paulie “Sweet Pea” O’Sullivan won his first scheduled fight in Kitchener last night.

Photo right: boxing coach, James Phelps & Paulie ‘Sweet Pea’ O’Sullivan from BAM Niagara

Putting up a good fight was Tyler Zeiden out of Waterloo Regional Boxing Academy. Both fighters were premiering in their inaugural fight at the Alpine Club.

Hosted by The Whip Boxing, this 13th Annual Charity Fundraiser was a great success with the talented, respectful, young athletes.

BAM Niagara would like to take the opportunity to thank Fitzroy Vanderpool for putting on a class show, and for the invitation, arranging a great bout between these two, young athletes.

BAM Niagara’s first outing was a comfortable one, thanks to the other clubs & officials, and the enthusiastic boxing fans in the crowd.

O’Sullivan, 24, out of Ireland is a new force to be reckoned with on the novice boxing scene.

Here is some footage of the first round.

Here’s the 2nd round after a man-to-man talk in the corner with boxing coach, James Phelps.

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One response to “Paulie ‘Sweet Pea’ O’Sullivan Wins Kitchener Fight”

  1. kevin patterson says:

    Way to go paulie ya got mad heart dude keep up the good work gmw

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