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B.A.D. Niagara - BAMNiagara.caB.A.D. Girls @ B.A.M. Niagara

B.A.D. Girls @ B.A.M. is a full circuit workout that includes cardio and strength training. Learn to throw a punch while having fun with all the other B.A.D. (Bad A$$ Diva) Girls @ B.A.M.!

Come out and train with us, whether you’re looking to improve your overall strength, learn self-defense techniques, or tone up your physique. We have personalized training that will work to meet your needs and help you accomplish your goals.

Classes are 1hr in duration and vary each session to keep you energized and excited to come back again. Feel free to bring your girlfriends…they’re going to love it! Duration 1hr.


Pop Porter Boxing Group - BAMNiagara.caPop Porter Youth Boxing

The perfect after-school activity to suit all skill levels! This class is geared towards kids that are competitive and need to blow off steam, as well as those who just want to have fun and get moving. At B.A.M.’s youth boxing class, we teach self-discipline, respect, and core values while providing a physical workout. As you learn to master boxing techniques and basic exercises, you become more balanced mentally and physically through routine and encouragement.

Each class has students of different ages and fitness levels working together to promote well-being, self-confidence and teamwork.

This is a great class to meet new friends, or bring along old ones for a fun time.
Duration 1hr 30min.


Pop Porter Pro Elite Boxing - BAMNiagara.caPop Porter Pro Elite Boxing

Catered towards high-performing professional athletes (and aspiring ones) this training will focus on nurturing the natural skills that you already possess, while providing the invaluable benefit of first-hand knowledge and experience. Not only for boxers, this training can assist all professional athletes regardless of sport, in reaching their full physical and mental potential.

The training program is strict and physically demanding to produce results and prepare you for the pressures of professional competition.

The small group structure provides motivation, a team-centered atmosphere, and the benefit of working with like-minded athletes who can share their techniques and experiences. Duration 1hr 30min.


Personal Training - Goran M. & Boxing coach, James Phelps - BAMNiagara.caOne-on-One Exclusive Training

All training here at B.A.M. is PERSONAL, regardless of which class you’re in. This is not a franchise fitness centre where you lack the attention of your trainers, and feel rushed to get your workout in and leave. If you find yourself uncomfortable in large groups (or even smaller ones) One on One Exclusive Training may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Sessions can be booked at your request where you can work exclusively with James to target the areas you want to work most, without feeling reluctant to work up a good sweat!

Exclusive training is often the first step in gaining self-confidence and widening your comfort zone. If you would like to schedule regular sessions, please contact us for availability so we can work with you.