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The Coming of the Snow: Physical Fitness & Mother Nature

Snow-BonnieHarrisGoing to school in California, in certain places, you can see the mountains and snow…

It often made me think about or remind me of Belvedere Hill in Quebec that we would walk up everyday to go to school.  The snow was so pure, pretty, but it was a test of will.

The snow reminded me of being a teen in Rochester, NY wearing a bubble jacket and some “Tims” hanging in the staircases in Gateway…

The snow reminded me of being a youth in Niagara Falls, Canada playing street football with no jacket, street lights on…where the sidewalks of Armoury St., at least 6 days a week, turned into screaming stands of Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Stadium.

Snow has always been a stimuli where the air is fresh & brisk, it’s difficult to run in…

…This makes it a great workout too. It’s great for strength, balance, conditioning and builds your lung strength & capacity. You’ll never find anything better than nature.

People often state that it’s genetics that allow myself to be agile, quick and durable. To me, that’s only 10% of the equation.

I tend to believe that the elements that Mother Nature provides us with, played a much bigger part in my physical & mental development.

When it’s 2nd & 10, and you realize you’re covering the fastest dude on the field, and you still have 59 minutes to play the game…the snow is deep, thick, heavy, slick, unknowing, and everyone is on the banks watching to see how you’re going to maneuver, survive or excel, this is where and how character is built.

The snow built me for the heat of California.

Go on and enjoy that snow out there!

This is B.A.M.


Hope you enjoyed this Rant on B.A.M. Niagara Boxing.

photo: Bonnie Harris

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