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Watch the 56-60 kg 2014 United Golden Gloves Championship Bout: Paulie O’Sullivan vs. Galen Hayes

If you happened to miss the 2014 United Golden Gloves boxing tournament in Mississauga, Ontario May 1st – 3rd…

2014 United Golden Gloves Championship Bout between Paulie "Sweet Pea" O'Sullivan vs. Galen Hayes - bamniagara.ca

2014 United Golden Gloves Championship Bout between Paulie “Sweet Pea” O’Sullivan vs. Galen Hayes -May 3

No problem, here is the 56 – 60 kg division championship bout between Paulie “Sweet Pea” O’Sullivan out of B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club (Niagara Falls, ON) vs. Galen Hayes out of Cabbagetown Boxing (Toronto, ON).

O’Sullivan is trained by boxing coach, James Phelps, from BAM Niagara, with assistant coach, Jun Williams, in his corner.

Coached by Peter Wylie, having coached 9 Olympians and other notable fighters, such as 2012 Canadian heavyweight champion, Neven Pajkic, Hayes came ready to fight.

Watch the Championship Bout below:

O’Sullivan won round 1, controlling the pace, as he threw thirteen clean right hands to the body.

Boxer Paulie "Sweet Pea" O'Sullivan & boxing coach James Phelps with the victory - bamniagara.caIn round 2, there was much of the same. Hayes controlled the first quarter of the round, but mid-round, O’Sullivan catches him with left hooks & right hands to the body. Once again, “Sweet Pea” pushes the issue. Hayes hits O’Sullivan with a good right hand. In amateur boxing, this is 1 point.

In round 3, O’Sullivan did what a fighter’s supposed to. He closed the show, making it easier for the judges to make a decision on a tough, well-fought fight from both athletes.

O’Sullivan was clever in his movement, and his choice of attack, leaving Hayes reaching and falling repeatedly, and often being counter-punched.

A great fight & a hearty congratulations to Paulie “Sweet Pea” O’Sullivan for bringing home the championship to B.A.M. Niagara Boxing Club.

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