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Why Should You Sponsor BAM Niagara Boxing Club?

Are you interested in sponsoring BAM Niagara Boxing Club?

Well, you’re not just sponsoring the club, but the young, promising athletes that work hard every day in the gym.

Registration fees, travel, accommodation & food, and athletic gear are just some of the hurdles for these athletes to compete in the sport they love.

Benefits of Sponsoring:

  • O'Sullivan supporters in B.A.M. Niagara "Don't Hate...Get in SHAPE!" T Shirts - bamniagara.caallowing athletes to pursue their goals & dreams
  • donation can be claimed on taxes for your business
  • exciting advertising & promotional options

Advertising & Promotional Options:

  • online banner ads
  • article/blog post about your business or service
  • short commercial in BAM Niagara videos
  • logo on BAM Niagara T-shirts or gear
  • ability to get endorsements from the club & affiliates
  • advertising throughout a network of websites & associated social media
  • run a contest/giveaway on our website for your business/service

Got a Banner?

If you have a banner, let us hang it at the gym, and have it featured in our workout videos.

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